How to Save And Increase Celkon Monalisa 5 Battery Life

How to Save And Increase Celkon Monalisa 5 Battery Life

Last thursday, a sailor friend made me a phone and asked “Have you got any idea to save and increase Celkon Monalisa 5 battery life? “. The next method about Celkon Monalisa 5 found on the Internet for everyone to share.
Follow next ways to extend Celkon Monalisa 5 battery life:

Open your Celkon Monalisa 5 and from any Home screen, tap the Menu key.

Tap Settings.

Tap Power saving.

If necessary, enable Powering saving by tapping the switch.

Tap the following options to turn on or turn off the option:

CPU power saving

Screen power saving

Turn off haptic feedback

Tips to save Celkon Monalisa 5 battery life

Lower screen brightness and timeout duration

Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot

Toggle from 4G to 2G

Update to the latest software

Set device to sleep when unused

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How to Speed Up Your Old or Slow XOLO One

How to Speed Up Your Old or Slow XOLO One

This tuesday, a friend of the University of Illinois_Urbana-Champaign gave me a call and asked “The easy way to speed up a sluggish XOLO One”. Then this tutorial method about your XOLO One found on the Internet for everyone to share.
Read these ways to speed up the XOLO One:

Reclaim Drive and SD Card Space

Give It a Battery Boost

Speed It Up with Some Settings Tweaks

Remove and Clean Your Case

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How to Hard Reset The Celkon A79

Yestoday, a friend of the St. Louis University made me a ring and asked “How to hard reset the Celkon A79 ?”. This guide will serve as a brief look into how to rid your Celkon A79 of all of your personal pictures, documents, contacts, and more with the help of the built in reset option that Android offers.
Here is the method to help you factory reset your Celkon A79:

1. Open your Celkon A79 and from any Home screen, tap the Menu key.

2. Tap Settings. Select the Privacy settings, and scroll down to Factory reset

3. Select the Backup and reset settings, and scroll down to Factory reset

Note:This will delete all data and restore back to your devices factory settings. Your phone will be as if it just came out of the box

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That shit is weird.In a statement their victim said her immediate reaction was to take more drugs to blank out what happened, but she had now been free of heroin for four months and had moved away from Liverpool.Some interesting trends are emerging amongst tablet and smartphone owners. The app gives you full controls to customize privacy settings and determine exactly who can see the data so you can keep your personal network secured from outside access. The system allows you to set up check ins and receive safety check notifications so you can be instantly notified when your child arrives at a friend’s house or gets home from school.The battle for smartphone payments isn just between Apple and the merchants.

The anime’s voice cast recorded new dialogue for the game, which will have a new story not seen in the original.It’s nice and compact, making it quite portable. And former Android chief Andy Rubin, who recently stepped down from that role, has suggested that Google recently acquired Motorola Mobility division could also serve as a bulwark against Samsung growing market power, the paper said.Handsets with DNSe technology should be able to reproduce a genuine 3D sound and deep bass resonance.Satisfied with your new lease on life, you direct your phone’s web browser to catch up on your Amazon Instant Video library, but not all is well there are errors to be found.

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How to Block Calls From a Number on Celkon A22

How to Block Calls From a Number on Celkon A22

While I having lunch, a friend of the Vanderbilt University made me a ring and asked “how to block a phone number on the Celkon A22”. Here are the ways to block a number on Celkon A22, and share with your friend.
Read these simple steps to block calls on Celkon A22:

Step 1. Press the icon that says “Phone” on your Home screen.

Step 2. Touch the entry for the number you want to block under “logs.”

Step 3. Tap the menu button on your Celkon A22.

Step 4. Select add to “reject list.”

Step 5. You can block Calls With a Third-Party App.

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what a bad planning. Upgrade to the full WinZip to protect your photos, videos and files on Dropbox like never before with instant file compression and encryption. In particular, selling lower priced smartphones that DON’T completely suck into developing nations where a whole lot of people are suddenly in the market for smartphones seems like a pretty sound strategy to me. Times are changing, and the dice seems to be rolling in Samsung’s favor. The company first promoted the bug ridden Symbian OS, and then as that ship began to sink, quickly jumped on to another ship that was in shambles Phone.

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How Can i take the screen capture with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

How Can i take the screen capture with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha

When I was eating, a Topeka friend asked me how to take a snapshot of the Samsung Galaxy Alpha. It is real easy to take a screenshot or screen capture with the Samsung Galaxy Alpha.
Here is the guide to help you take Screenshot on Samsung Galaxy Alpha:

1. Press and hold both the Power key and down volume key at the same time for three seconds, or until you hear the camera shutter click. To see the screen image, touch Apps > Files > Device storage >Pictures > Screenshots.

2. You can tap the Home and Power buttons at the same time to take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha.

3. You can also install an app for taking screen shots.

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