How to Track Your BLU Neo 3.5 If Its Stolen or Lost

How to Track Your BLU Neo 3.5 If Its Stolen or Lost

This saturday , Antonia gave me a ring and asked “How to track my BLU Neo 3.5 ?”. When you first turn on your new BLU Neo 3.5, one of the last things you want to entertain is the idea that there may be a time when it becomes lost or stolen.
Track your BLU Neo 3.5 is very easy! Watch our guide to learn how:

First, go to

If your BLU Neo 3.5 is linked to your Gmail account and youre already logged in, then it should automatically track your phone. Depending on what youve set up ahead of time, you can remotely lock it, wipe it, or set off an alarm. We scared everyone in the DT offices when we tried this feature because Google labels it ring your device, which sounds innocent enough.

Use Google Maps Location History to track your lost BLU Neo 3.5 (even if its turned off)

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