How to Clear Cache on HTC Desire 820 dual sim

How to Clear Cache on HTC Desire 820 dual sim

Three days ago, Lisa gave me a ring and asked “The easy way to clear all cache on the HTC Desire 820 dual sim”. There are more clearing your HTC Desire 820 dual sim methods than we could possibly list here, but these are some of the easiest.
Follow these simple ways to clear the HTC Desire 820 dual sim cache:

1. Clear Browser Cache

Click the “apps” button in HTC Desire 820 dual sim and then select “Browser.”

Hit the menu button in the browser and then select “Settings.”

Select “Privacy & Security” from the list of options on the Settings page.

Click “Clear cache” towards the top of the Privacy screen.

Click “OK” in the next confirmation window to clear the browser cache of its information.

2. Clear Apps Cacher

Just head to settings, then to storage, and tap on the new “Cached data” section in the list. At this point, you’ll be prompted to clear that cached data.

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