How to Clear Cache on Celkon A112

Severer weeks ago, April phoned me and asked “The easy way to clear all cache on the Celkon A112”. Clearing out the cache can improve performance, and clearing your history and auto-complete information can help improve security.
Read these methods to clear the Celkon A112 cache:

1. While in the Celkon A112 browser, Tap the external menu button.

2. The menu should now appear on the screen, Tap the More option from that list.

3. Tap the Settings option from the list.

4. Scroll down the settings window until you get to Privacy settings.

There are quite a few things to clear here:

Clear cache

Clear history

Clear all cookie data

Clear form data

Clear location access

5. Click on everything, a prompt will appear for each one. Tap OK to confirm the deletion each time.

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