How to Unlock HTC Desire X if You Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

How to Unlock HTC Desire X if You Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

Some days ago, Martina gave me a call and asked “How to unlock HTC Desire X ?”. Many HTC Desire X users wish to unlock their phones in order to use them with local SIM cards while traveling, or on domestic carriers that don’t offer an Android phone for sale.
You can follow these methods to unlock your HTC Desire X:

Mostly people dont set a security question. But if you set it then simply answer the question and unlock your HTC Desire X quickly. Otherwise check the Google account option and click next.

click on sign in.After that you are directed to choose new pattern and now you can unlock with this patter.

If you also forget Google account details then what?

A hard reset will solve this problem and remove the HTC Desire X password (and all other information) reverting the phone back to its default settings allowing you to setup and have access to your phone again.

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how Do i Take a Screen Shot on my HTC Desire 616 dual sim

how Do i Take a Screen Shot on my HTC Desire 616 dual sim

The day before yesterday, a friend of the Tufts University asked me how to take snapshots on the HTC Desire 616 dual sim. There are various ways to do this, depending upon the particular device and Android version.
Follow these steps to take Screenshot on HTC Desire 616 dual sim:

Capturing a screenshot usually involves pressing two buttons on your HTC Desire 616 dual sim either the Volume Down key and the Power button, or the Home button and the Power key.

When the right button combo is pressed, your devices screen will flash, usually accompanied with a camera shutter sound. Sometimes, a pop-up message or notification alert appears, suggesting that the screenshot has been made.

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How to Clear Cache on Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2

Last weekend, a friend of the University of Minnesota_Twin Cities gave me a ring and asked “The easy way to clear all cache on the Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2”. Whether youre interested in increasing the speed of your Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2, clearing Android is the a way to use your powerful device to its full potential.
clear the Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2 cache is very easy! Watch our guide to learn how:

1. While in the Gigabyte GSmart Mika M2 browser, Tap the external menu button.

2. The menu should now appear on the screen, Tap the More option from that list.

3. Tap the Settings option from the list.

4. Scroll down the settings window until you get to Privacy settings.

There are quite a few things to clear here:

Clear cache

Clear history

Clear all cookie data

Clear form data

Clear location access

5. Click on everything, a prompt will appear for each one. Tap OK to confirm the deletion each time.

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How to Track Your Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston If Its Stolen or Lost

How to Track Your Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston If Its Stolen or Lost

This saturday , Dinah made me a ring and asked “How to track my Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston ?”. So here we are to help you in this trouble and tell you about tracking your Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston.
Follow the steps below:

Track your lost Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston with Googles Android Device Manager

Android Device Manager is a Googles official and easy-to-use tool to track your Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston. The best thing about it is that you dont need to install an app to be able to track your devices. The only requirement is that your device is connected to your Google account, turned on and connected to the internet.

Remote control and track your Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston with “Android Lost” or “Plan B”

The remote installation process of Android Lost is very straightforward and only requires that your phone is still connected with your Google account. However, in case of theft, you have to hope that the thief doesnt disconnect from your account.

“Android Lost” is only possible on Android Versions older than 3.0

“Plan B” is the Android Lost alternative for devices running Android 2.0 2.3

If you cant find your lost Gigabyte GSmart G1342 Houston, then it might be actually stolen. The first thing to do now is to block the SIM of your Android phone using its IMEI number. With the release of the developer build of Android L.Display the best. Period.

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How to Unlock HTC Desire 620G dual sim if You Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

How to Unlock HTC Desire 620G dual sim if You Forgot PIN Password or Screen Lock

While i went for a walk on the street, Doris called me and asked “How to unlock HTC Desire 620G dual sim ?”. These steps will teach you how to unlock your HTC Desire 620G dual sim for the most popular carriers.
Read next steps to unlock your HTC Desire 620G dual sim:

If you wish to unlock your HTC Desire 620G dual sim immediately, purchase an unlock code online. You’ll need your IMEI number, which you can find by going to Settings > About Phone > Status.

Turn off your Android device and remove the back cover and battery. Look for the SIM card, and remove the one that’s currently in your phone. Set it aside. Insert the new SIM card and replace the battery and back cover. Turn your phone back on.

When the phone boots up, it will display a screen asking for an unlock code for the new SIM. Enter the unlock code when prompted. Your HTC Desire 620G dual sim is now unlocked.

If you cannot unlock or access the content of the HTC Desire 620G dual sim then the best thing to do is a hard reset. A hard reset will perform the factory data reset on the device without having to navigate or access the phones settings. A hard reset also sets the phone back to its factory settings and the phone will be like it was when it was brand new.

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